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Wholesale RQ-L10 Smart Portable Projector Android 11 Dual WiFi6 160 ANSI Lumens 720P Resolution BT5.0 Home and Outdoor Cinema Projector

Display Technology: LCD
Light Source: LED
Brightness: 160 ANSI
Native Resolution: 720P(1280*720P)
Supported Resolution: 720P
Contrast Ratio: 1500:1
Light lifetime: 50,000h
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 & 4:3

OEM MOQ: 500 Units
Place of Origin:
Certification: CE,FCC ,ROHS
: Shenzhen, China
Payment terms: T/T, Letter of Credit, Western Union

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The wholesale RQ-L10 smart portable projector is an updated version of the LCD projector RQ-L06. RQ-L10 is a state-of-the-art device designed for home cinema enthusiasts and professional presentations, featuring cutting-edge connectivity options such as WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 for high-speed, stable wireless connections and seamless compatibility with a wide range of peripheral devices.

RQ-L10 smart projector key features

The RQ-L10 runs on Android 11.0, offering a user-friendly interface and access to the extensive Android ecosystem. This compatibility enables using over 4,000 applications, including popular streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. The projector’s versatility extends beyond traditional uses, making it an ideal choice for entertainment and business applications.

The RQ-L10 features a native resolution of 1280×720 pixels and stands out with its 4K video support. Despite the HD base resolution, the projector can upscale and process 4K content, delivering enhanced detail and clarity.

Features of RQ-L10 Portable Projector

  • High-Quality Display: With a native resolution of 1280×720 and support for 720p, combined with the ability to upscale content to 4K resolution, the projector delivers clear and vibrant images.
  • Versatile Projection Capabilities: The projector can display images ranging from 40 inches to 130 inches at an optimal distance of 1.68 meters, suitable for both small rooms and larger spaces.
  • Durable and Energy-Efficient: It features an LED lamp with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, offering long-term reliability without frequent bulb changes.
  • Low Noise Operation: The fan noise is under 25 dB, ensuring a quiet viewing experience, ideal for home theaters and classrooms.
  • Compact and Portable Design: With its sleek black or white casing and a compact size of 170×101 mm, the RQ-L10 is stylish and easy to place or mount in various settings.
  • Multimedia Support: Supports a wide range of audio and video formats, including full-format video decoding for 4K and 1080p content, making it a versatile choice for entertainment and presentations.

Fan Noise is less than 25 dB

RQ-L10 Smart Portable Projector low noise no more than 25 db

Note: <25dB is tested by a third-party lab; it may differ according to the test environment and condition.

Portable Makes Outdoor Projection


Portable Projector RQ-L10 in a hand bag

180° Rotation Projector

RQ-L10 180° Rotation Projector

RQ-L10 Application scenarios

  • Entertainment
  • Education(classroom)
  • Business (Meeting presentation)
  • Outdoor(camping)

RQ-L10 Application scenarios

Q-L10 Project Ratio

The RQ-L10 mini projector excels in two critical performance metrics: projective ratio and uniformity. It efficiently projects an 85-inch screen from a mere 1.68 meters away, significantly outperforming competitors that can only achieve a 55-inch display at the same distance. This capability underlines the RQ-L10’s advantage in generating larger images from a fixed projection distance.

Q-L10 Project Ratio

Furthermore, the RQ-L10 boasts a uniformity range of 75-80%, ensuring a consistent and evenly distributed light and color across the screen. In stark contrast, other brands achieve just 40% uniformity, often producing inferior image quality. This direct comparison highlights the RQ-L10 projector’s superior screen size and image quality.

RQ-L10 Screen Projection Capabilities

The RQ-L10 projector showcases remarkable versatility and efficiency in screen projection capabilities.

RQ-L10 Screen Projection Capabilities

  • Versatile Screen Sizes: The RQ-L10 projector can display images at multiple sizes, projecting an 85-inch, 100-inch, and up to a 130-inch screen, accommodating various viewer preferences and room sizes.
  • Optimal Projection Distance: The projector operates optimally at a short distance of 1.68 meters, allowing for large, vivid projections in compact spaces, ideal for urban living or small offices.
  • High-Motion Clarity: The RQ-L10’s marketing features a dynamic car scene, highlighting its ability to deliver clear and precise imagery during high-motion content, perfect for movies, fast-paced presentations, or gaming environments.

Convenient Screen Mirror

Smart projector Screen Mirror function

The RQ-L10 smart projector can wirelessly connect to various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, via Wi-Fi. This allows for a seamless and hassle-free setup to mirror the screens of connected devices directly onto a larger display. This flexibility allows for various uses, from business presentations to home entertainment.


Product ModelRQ-L10
Product DescriptionSmart Projector
Operation SystemAndroid 11.0
CPUQuad-core ARM Cortex-A53
GPUMali-G31  supports OpenGL ES3.2,Vulkan 1.1,and OpenCL2.0
Buffer Memory(RAM)1G (optional 2GB)
Storage(ROM)8G (optional 16/32/64GB)
WIFIAW869A — Dual band WiFi6 + BT5.0 Module Spec
Projection Technique 2.69inch LCD TFT display
Native Resolution1280*720P
Supported Resolution720P
Color Temperature8000K ±(1000K)
Brightness(Lumens) 160 ANSI lumens
Contrast Ratio 1500:1
Image Flip  360 degrees flip
Lens Short focus
Aspect Ratio16:9 & 4:3
Throw Ratio0.9
Keystone Correctionvoluntarily
Support 3DNO
LanguageSupport for multiple languages
Bulb Life50000 Hrs
Lamp Type LED 30W 
Adjustment ModeManual focus
Operation ModeButton pannel and remote control
Projection Distance0.5-3M
Optimal Projection Distance1.68M
Projection Size40-130 inch
Fan Noise  <25 dB
Working Voltage(V) AC90-260V/50-60MHZ
Interface USB*1/HDMI *1/AUDIO*1
Audio FileMP3/WMA/ACC
Image FileJPG,BMP,PNG,support image scaling
Video FileFull-format decoding including HEVC/VP9/AVS2/AVC 4K@30fps and MPEG1/MPEG2/AV1/VP9/H.265 1080p/60fps decoding and so on
Text ReadingTXT
Machine SizeDiameter 170X101MM
UsageHome theater, entertainment, early childhood education, video conference, online teaching

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